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It’s important that your site not only looks good but performs well. Poorly performing sites will not only lose you customers but can also prevent you being found in search engines.

Our dedicated hosting service includes regular maintenance, optimisation and software updates to ensure your website is reliable, secure and fast – providing a faultless user experience to your website visitors. We guarantee 99.99% server uptime with expert help on hand if you need it.

What’s more, with regular off-site back-ups of your website and a weekly snapshot of your server, you’ll have the added confidence that key files can be recovered and restored if needed.



All our clients have their own dedicated high-spec hosting server, providing high levels of protection and performance. This is a must for Ecommerce websites with extensive product catalogues, processing large volumes of financial transactions.

Security is a key priority for us. And with regular security testing and monitoring, you can be confident that your website is safe.

We guarantee 99.99% server uptime, with the assurance that should we fall below this standard we will refund the hosting subscription fees for the time the service was unavailable.



Our support engineers and developers will back-up your data before making any changes to your website or server. All code changes and software updates will be made first on a staging server (on a copy of your website) and thoroughly tested before being implemented on your live site – reducing the risk of disruption to your customers. Your server availability and key resources will be monitored 24/7 and any alerts are sent to our support team when performance falls below acceptable levels.

In addition, we also perform manual checks before putting any software changes live – an extra level of diligence not offered by many hosting providers.

We are also able to provide our clients with a single or annual penetration test to ensure your digital assets are secure and add an extra layer of confidence within your website. To find out more about our penetration test read our Safeguard Your Digital Assets page.

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We pride ourselves on outstanding customer support from our expert and helpful UK team. We have a number of clients that have worked with us for many years – and our responsive and friendly team is a key reason!

Contact us during normal working hours and you’ll receive an acknowledgement of an urgent request within 30 minutes. We promise to investigate the issue (and in most cases resolve the issue) within 4 hours.


  • Dedicated cloud server (Spec: 2 Core, 4GB RAM, 50GB SSD hard drive) with off-site backup and 24/7 monitoring
  • High performance DNS, CDN (inc. SSL Certificate) and email sending service
  • Unlimited visitors, bandwidth and marketing emails (NB these are often capped by hosting providers)
  • Threat protection, malware scan and DDoS mitigation
  • Staging site for website development and testing
  • Monthly software updates with manual checks on staging site before putting live
  • Monthly audit report that flags issues relating to performance, security, SEO and accessibility
  • Professional licenses for SEO tools, plugins and website modules
  • Auto-updated cookie pop up and cookie policy – ensuring ongoing GDPR(PECR) compliance

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