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Digitising vehicle management using smart technology is increasingly vital to improving efficiency and remaining competitive. It delivers significant cost and time savings for your business, as well as supporting the administration of customer and supplier bookings and orders.

Vehicle damage tracking and reporting provides a flexible solution to make it simpler to look after your valuable assets, reducing the risk of damage, fraud and loss, whilst maximising efficiency. Giving you the capability to track physical assets from freight and equipment to all types of transport, providing full visibility of each vehicle’s location.


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With our intuitive mobile app, you can record asset details, photograph defects, categorise the type and severity of damage and collect signatures. The app enables you to quickly compile complex inspection reports including the type, age and form of vehicle. Simply scan the bar code, RFID tag or use OCR to capture the unique identification information on your asset.

Inspections can take place at any time and in any weather. Reports are stored locally until the app is back online meaning an internet connection is not required at the time of report creation

Surveyors can be managed, and damage inspection reports viewed, via the easy-to-use web interface. Reports can then be overlaid with independent repair estimations, helping to mitigate unnecessary claims and avoiding overcharging.

Our system provides a tested, reliable solution, avoiding the frustration of expensive downtime, enabling smooth operation and reduced costs.


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Improve the efficiency of your management, booking and payment processes through our optional Ecommerce solution.

Our finished vehicle logistics solution can be integrated with an Ecommerce system, analytics and reporting management dashboard. Bespoke reports can also be created for your customers, allowing them to login to see inspection reports.

We can integrate our system with most existing technologies or develop customised solutions to make booking and payments, quick, easy and secure.

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An affordable, customisable finished vehicle logistics software solution that will give you end-to-end supply chain management and visibility, helping you increase operational efficiency and reduce the cost of claims. The solution can be tailored to your requirements. Customisable features include: vehicle tracking, inspection, damage reporting and claims mitigation, repair estimation and Ecommerce integration.

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