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With AssetBisson, our user-friendly mobile app empowers you to document asset information, capture defect images, classify damage type and severity, and gather signatures effortlessly. The app streamlines the compilation of comprehensive inspection reports, encompassing vehicle type, age, and configuration. Simply utilise barcode scanning, RFID tags, or OCR to capture the unique identification details of your assets.

This indispensable tool grants you control and precision in managing inspections and inventory within your supply chain. Conduct inspections at any time and in any weather conditions, as reports are locally stored until the app regains an internet connection, eliminating the need for real-time connectivity during report creation. Efficiently oversee surveyors and access damage inspection reports through the user-friendly web interface. Furthermore, these reports can be augmented with independent repair estimates, reducing unnecessary claims and cost overruns.

Our system, AssetBisson, offers a tried-and-true solution that mitigates the headache of costly downtime, ensuring seamless operations and cost savings. By selecting our Inspection & Inventory software, you commit to reliability, efficiency, and a substantial reduction in operational challenges, allowing you to concentrate on your primary goal – fostering business growth.

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With AssetBisson’s Costing & Claims management tools, we’ve tailored a solution to empower you in achieving peak cost-efficiency and mastery over claims management. Our software equips you with the capacity to conduct thorough cost analysis, streamlines the claims processing process, nurtures stronger vendor connections, and reinforces cost containment, allowing you to optimise your profitability. Opting for our Costing & Claims software is a deliberate commitment to bolstering financial control and stability, paving the way for your business to thrive while maintaining a vigilant eye on expenses.

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Delivery (EPOD)

Utilising our AssetBisson EPOD solution, you gain the ability to oversee your deliveries, ensuring punctuality and precision. Digital signatures introduce a secure and eco-friendly means of confirming deliveries, and our delivery verification feature ensures your customers receive precisely what they’ve requested. The route optimisation tool we offer aids in minimising delivery times and curbing fuel expenses, streamlining your operations for peak efficiency. By adopting our AssetBisson EPOD solution, you’ll not only elevate your customer service but also boost the productivity and efficiency of your entire delivery process.

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Reporting & Integration (EDI)

Our AssetBisson software empowers you by offering customisable reports, business intelligence, effortless EDI integration, and adaptable API integration. Through tailored reports, you have the flexibility to extract and visualise data that holds the utmost significance for your business, granting you the insights essential for well-informed decision-making. Our tools provide the means to gain a more profound comprehension of your operations. Additionally, our EDI and API integration capabilities ensure that your systems seamlessly interconnect, allowing you to operate with precision and efficiency.

With our Reporting & Integration tools, you wield the ability to harness data, streamline processes, and maintain a competitive edge in the swiftly evolving business landscape, propelling your success and expansion.


Choose Bison Grid for a quick, customisable, and cost-effective transport management and inspection solution. Experience efficiency and reliability in your logistics operations.