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Electric Vehicle Inspection Solutions for the Modern World

Electric Vehicle Inspection Solutions for the Modern World

Preshipping EV inspections

Preshipping EV inspections are an essential part of the process when preparing electric vehicles (EVs) for delivery. These inspections are designed to ensure that the vehicles are in proper working order, safe to operate, and meet all quality and safety standards.

General Visual Inspection: Inspectors examine the exterior and interior of the vehicle to check for any visible defects, damage, or cosmetic issues. This includes the body, paint, glass, and interior components. Battery and Electrical System: A critical part of an EV inspection involves checking the battery and electrical system. This includes verifying that the battery is charged to the correct level, monitoring its health and capacity, and confirming that the electrical connections and systems are functioning correctly. Charging System: Ensure that the EV’s charging system is in good working condition, including the charging port and any associated cables or equipment.


Shipping electric vehicles can cause fires during shipping, batteries should have a maximum battery charge of less than 50% to be safe (not full charge) as a safety measure. This is designed to reduce the risk of fires or thermal runaway events during transportation.

With our intuitive mobile app, you can record asset details, including the battery charge. The app enables you to quickly compile complex inspection reports.

With this essential tool, you can manage your inspections and inventory, ensuring optimal control and accuracy in your supply chain. Inspections can take place at any time and in any weather. Reports are stored locally until the app is back online meaning an internet connection is not required at the time of report creation.

Our software is designed to help you achieve optimal cost-efficiency and claims management. The software enables you to conduct in-depth cost analysis, simplifies the claims processing workflow, fosters better vendor relationships, and tightens cost control, ensuring you can maximise profitability.

Thermal imaging

Battery temperature plays a pivotal role in the safe transportation of electric vehicles. Overheating or temperature fluctuations can lead to severe consequences, including fires or thermal runaway events. To mitigate these risks, integrating thermal imaging cameras into the inspection process is a proactive and efficient strategy.

One innovative approach to address this concern is by incorporating thermal imaging cameras into your inspection process. These cameras can help inspectors record and monitor the temperature state of the EV’s battery, providing valuable insights into its health and safety during transit.

If you are interested in improving your inspection process let’s have a chat.