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Website security: building digital trust

Website security: building digital trust

Website Security

Security should be your key priority when it comes to maintaining your website. It is important that your site has a high level of security for a number of reasons, you not only want to protect your site against malware and hackers, you need to protect user data. For these reasons you should ensure that your website is secure.

Dedicated server

Having a dedicated server will provide you with high performance as well as protection which is essential for Ecommerce websites. With a dedicated server you will have better reliability and uptime, this will mean that your website will be accessible to visitors.

A dedicated server will also mean that there is opportunity for scalability and flexibility. You will easily be able to accommodate for high volumes of traffic and demand. The flexibility of a dedicated server will mean that the environment will be customisable, allowing for the ability to install specific software and choose operating systems.

A dedicated server will also mean that you will have a dedicated IP address, which will improve SEO and other things like email delivery.

Testing and monitoring

Testing and monitoring is important to keep security high. Before code changes and software updates are made, these should be first carried out on a copy of the website to be tested. This will reduce risk of disruption to customers ensuring reputation is maintained.

Your server and resources should be monitored continually so that any alerts are known and resolved.


When you are looking for a team to host your website, ensure the team takes pride in their customer service. Having support is essential to maintaining the security and performance of your website.


All our clients have their own dedicated high-spec hosting server, rigorous testing and monitoring as well as expert support. If you’re looking for website and integration services,┬ásee how we can support you.

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