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Why choose WooCommerce as your Ecommerce site?

Why choose WooCommerce as your Ecommerce site?


WooCommerce turns your WordPress website into an Ecommerce site. It is a cart system that integrates with payment gateways.

The benefits of using WooCommerce

It’s fully customisable

Even when live there is still the option to make changes. With over 400 extensions managing your store is simple.

Secure payments

WooCommerce developers are constantly updating the plugin to ensure the highest levels of security. You can also add another measure of security by installing a WooCommerce security plugin that will scan your site for malware.

Detailed reporting

You can also view reports that show your performance of the month. It shows 4 sections – orders, customers, stock and taxes. In orders you can see gross and net sales volume, top sellers, top earners and product downloads. In the customers section you can view customers that have registered and guests. In the stock section you can view products that are low in stock, out of stock and most stocked. In the taxes section you can view taxes by code and taxes by date.

How WooCommerce helps boost sales

Reduced cart abandonment

Cart abandonment is when a user leaves the site before paying for the products put in the shopping cart. One of the main reasons this happens is because of an unnecessary long checkout process. When customers are purchasing a product they want the process to be simple and easy. Frustration at this stage will cause customers to leave your site. With this tool your website will be fast and users will find your website to be responsive which means cart abandonment is less likely to occur.

Integration with WordPress content management systems

If your content is poor or out of date, it’s likely users will leave your site pretty quickly.. As WooCommerce is used on WordPress sites you will be provided with a user friendly content management system – helping you to keep your website organised and relevant. With both WooCommerce and WordPress you will be able to use email marketing, update product descriptions and create new content and blogs. You can also arrange and showcase products and services in a way that satisfies the user – increasing the chances of conversions and sales.

Upselling and cross selling features

With WooCommerce you can carry out upselling and cross selling. This is the act of persuading customers to upgrade the product they were about to purchase or persuading customers to purchase products that are adjacent to the one they will purchase (it’s like saying this case would go great with that computer you are buying). WooCommerce can suggest products for the customer at the checkout.

Why Bison Grid prefers WooCommerce

At Bison Grid we prefer to use WooCommerce for many reasons. The fact that it easily integrates with WordPress means that setting up Ecommerce websites is simple. This also means that it is compatible with the themes we use on our clients sites, allowing for the whole site to be consistent in styling and formatting. The customisation of WooCommerce is one reason as to why we like this platform so much. With this feature we can manage every aspect of our clients Ecommerce stores. We also think that WooCommerce is a reliable and secure service. As a team of developers and engineers we like to see safe and secure plugins that we can use consistently.

If you are considering using WooCommerce for your website, get in touch to see how Bison Grid could help you.

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