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The Truth Behind Cheap Web Hosting

The Truth Behind Cheap Web Hosting

Cheap web hosting

At first glance cheap web hosting may seem appealing, however, upon further investigation often it is not all that it makes out to be. These are the truths behind cheap web hosting.


One of the ways that cheap web hosting providers keep their hosting costs down is to have multiple sites hosted on a single server. This is a severe security issue as if one of those sites becomes compromised, potentially every site on that server has then become compromised. This can be a real kicker if it is not your site that is at fault, but instead is another site sharing hosting on your server that caused the security breach.

Additionally, cheap web hosting providers often skimp on setting up multiple layers of protection. Examples of this could be that web application firewalls may not be setup on your server or that your hosting provider does not monitor which ports are open and which services are running, both of which leave your site unprotected and at risk.


Due to the fact that cheap web hosting providers often share a single server for multiple sites, your site’s performance can suffer from this. This is because every site on the same server has to fight for the server’s computational resources, this includes RAM, CPU, disk and network usage. The amount of which your site’s performance suffers depends on the number of sites on a single server and the number of sites that are resource intensive and use lots of resources.

In addition, Most cheap web hosting providers do not provide a CDN (Content Delivery Network) with the hosting package in order to keep costs down.

What is a CDN?

CDN’s manage the inter-connectivity of cached (stored) web-based data via a number of servers in strategically considered locations like the UK and overseas. CDN’s enable the management and redirection of content and traffic to the nearest server to the user, reducing server response times for users. If your web hosting provider does not have a CDN then your site will not benefit from improved server response times and blazing fast cached content.


Often cheap web hosting providers offer limited, if any control over the server that a customer’s site is hosted on to the customer.

Examples of limited control could be that the web hosting provider does not allow the customer to control which web ports can be opened and closed or which services are run and not run on the server. This limits what you can do with your site.

Moreover, most cheap web hosting providers do not allow the customer to expand the server’s computational resources such as RAM, CPU, disk and network. This limits the expand-ability of your site for future growth.


In summary, although most cheap web hosting providers do limit the customer in terms of security, performance and control, cheap web hosting does still have its place among the web hosting environment if you are not concerned about the issues that most cheap web hosting brings.

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