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Vehicle Freight EDI booking system for Siem Car Carriers

Vehicle Freight EDI booking system for Siem Car Carriers

Siem Car Carriers AS specialises in the transportation of automobiles, roll on roll off (RO-RO) and break bulk cargo, while operating a fast, regular and direct service

Cargo shipping ferry

The Brief

SCC had recently been awarded contracts for the shipment of new vehicles by several major automobile manufacturers. As a consequence they needed a new RO-RO freight booking system that would help manage the automated EDI instructions sent from the OEM’s. The system had to include the management of vessels, ports, schedules and invoicing.

Sccedi dashboard showing voyages

The solution

The team at Bison Grid used an existing software framework to create a customised solution for the management of EDI communications with Siems trading partners. The system helped manage bookings, shipping notices and the submission of bills of lading documents. In addition to the management of instructions and resources the solution reported on invoicing amounts and if required sent invoices via EDI.

Sport cars lined up in a car park

The Outcome

The new system significantly improved operation efficiency and helped manage the successful delivery and shipment invoicing of in excess of 10,000 cars per a month.

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Bison Grid has been nothing short of reliable. Their team in London has been incredibly responsive to me throughout the projects. Their experienced team was able to develop a new RoRo Freight Management booking system that streamlined the process of connecting with potential customers. That, along with their integration of our CRM into the website, has helped us to manage our customer data in a much more organised fashion.

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