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Electronic Point of Delivery (EPOD) Solution for Finished Vehicle Logistics

Electronic Point of Delivery (EPOD) Solution for Finished Vehicle Logistics

Inspection device dashboard


Bison Grid were asked to provide an electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) and inspection for a 4 stage multimodal finished vehicle logistics process. The solution needed to be easy to use and reliable.

The customer wanted to collect survey data and delivery signatures at several points on the transportation of new vehicles. The inspection and damage was to be recorded by different supply chain partners and send damage records using AIAG standard codes. This information and the EPOD data would be sent to the customer and vehicle manufacturers via EDI.

Inspection device being used to review damages to a white car


We used our AssetBisson system to collect the inspection data and EPOD information for all stages along the supply chain. It facilitates seamless data sharing among surveyors and delivery agents, utilising an automated x12 EDI data feed. The system supports a comprehensive reporting and management dashboard.

  • Custom app configuration – fields and values to allow the app and dashboard to show and edit data.
  • Implementation of support for block uploading of unsigned jobs – default and hidden damage fields in the app to reduce the options / work needed.
  • Additional support for multiple job types – ability to switch between different job fields.
  • Sync Implementation feature – combined reports and EDI files sync allows the transfer of jobs from one system to another.
  • Support of block uploading – prevention of job data being updated if required signatures were not recorded first (signatures are an essential part for the proof of delivery).


Inspection device dashboard


A comprehensive delivery management solution that identified any issues in the supply chain. This resulted in a streamlined delivery process with significant reductions in damages and resultant claims costs.

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